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Merchants and Retailers, Get Your Business Listed!.. All Listings includes your Profile Page with description of your business and or products. add multiple banners of large size with sales or different items you want to profile, add youtube video. your logo will appear in listing categories and links to your profile page.

Your business can be listed is any category that you offer products related to that category. With 11 main categories and 36 sub-categories organized by Topics. use Add-Ons to list your banners on home page and/or throughout every page.

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Banner Location Category Location Banner Size Term Price
Any Category
Random Full Profile Page Layout
Logo in Categories
12 Months $249.00


Banner Location Page Location Banner Size Term Price
Home page Featured Advertiser 120×60 3 Month* $129.00
Home page Featured Advertiser 120×240 3 Month* $139.00
Home page Featured Advertiser 300×250 3 Month* $159.00
All Pages** Bottom of Page 300×250 3 month* $199.00

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*Banners can be rotated monthly.
**All Categories and Throughout Website at bottom of page.

Merchants and Retailers listed are screened by criteria such as the advertiser’s business model and objectives, be in good standing with the community. Advertisers listed should have no products or content that contains hate,violence, and/or illegal activities. any advertisers that fall under these criteria will not be listed.